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Titlepro Goes Modular
Even lower prices for entry level customers

Titlepro has broken out key elements of its comprehensive title software system to make the product available in bite-size modules, lowering the price even further for new customers and enabling them to grow their Titlepro system as their needs and finances permit.

Titlepro modules are built on two core components, the Closing system and the Forms system. Combining these two creates the third, Full System package.

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Titlepro is following the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's progress in implementing new regulations designed to simplify current forms and make them more presentable. A new Titlepro Upgrade will be made available prior to the effective date of any new rules. Pricing will be determined when the extent of the work involved becomes more clear, but it's anticipated to be minimal. The forthcoming upgrade will be fully compliant with any new federal regulations.

"I've used Titlepro for a lot of years. Different versions as the technology changed. It really does the job. Plus they're great people to work with!"
-- Title Agency Owner and 25-year Titlepro User

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